Me in 1992! Nice helmet cover, matches my shorts!


I’m Gabriel. I love riding bikes.

It hasn’t always been this way, I spent 16 years in London, mostly in front of a computer making websites, drinking, smoking, and generally abusing myself. After my wife and I decided to move back to Devon, where I grew up, I realised a life of debauchery wasn’t right for me. Living clean, doing lots of cycling, running and walking, I’ve fallen in love with the outdoors once again.

I’m not a racer, I don’t feel the urge to beat other people (well, maybe a little), I just want to push my own personal boundaries, see how far I can ride, and for how long. It involves pain, self-doubt, much reflection and many realisations about life, but best of all, you get to see so much, meet wonderful people, and get muddy.

This site is an attempt to document my cycling adventures and challenges.